Bat First: 1530
Strikers 168/8 (24.0 ov)
Gladiators 142 (24.0 ov)
Strikers won by 36 runs
Match number: 25 
Played at Andrew McCandless Park
Sunday Jul 25, 2021

Match details

Toss - Strikers, who chose to bat
Points - Gladiators 0, Strikers 10
Umpire(s) - Edward Rodrigues and

Match Notes

Strikers   R B 4s 6s SR
Amit Narwal c Simon Pervez, b Cecil Pervez020.00
Sufian Chaudhry* c Simon Pervez, b Amtiaz Wariach861133.33
Sagardeep Singh Chathac Muhammad Umair, b Tanveer Azmat91275.00
Ranbir Dhillion not out1250.00
Mujtaba Wakil not out55100.00
Manthan Manthan b Tanveer Azmat161984.21
Lakhbeer Singh Bains c Simon Pervez, b Cecil Pervez31127.27
Khayam Ahmad lbw, b Cecil Pervez232979.31
Farrukh Chodhry b Tanveer Azmat1250.00
Tahseen Shah c Amtiaz Wariach, b Rizwan Cheema905553163.64
Extras (w 12) 12
Total (8 wickets; 24.0 overs) 168 (7.00 runs per over)

Did not batMandeep Sandhu

Fall of wickets

Bowling O M R W Econ  
Cecil Pervez5.0 1 19 3 3.80 (2w)
Tanveer Azmat4.0 23 3 5.75 (2w)
Anoos Khan4.0 32 0 8.00 (2w)
Amtiaz Wariach4.0 22 1 5.50 (3w)
Amardeep Singh3.0 29 0 9.67 (1w)
Muhammad Umair2.0 13 0 6.50 (1w)
Rizwan Cheema2.0 30 1 15.00 (1w)
Gladiators (target: 178 runs from 24.0 overs) R B 4s 6s SR
Rizwan Cheema lbw, b Amit Narwal89188.89
Robin Nelson c Sufian Chaudhry, b Lakhbeer Singh Bains1617194.12
Cecil Pervez lbw, b Mandeep Sandhu53455117.78
Shahid Iqbal,mohammed c Mujtaba Wakil, b Tahseen Shah122060.00
Shahzad Malik c Tahseen Shah, b Mujtaba Wakil4666.67
Simon Pervez*† c Manthan Manthan, b Mujtaba Wakil2525100.00
Anoos Khan lbw, b Mandeep Sandhu22100.00
Amtiaz Wariach c Ranbir Dhillion, b Mujtaba Wakil2450.00
Tanveer Azmat c Tahseen Shah, b Mujtaba Wakil61060.00
Muhammad Umair c Khayam Ahmad, b Mujtaba Wakil2450.00
Amardeep Singh not out11100.00
Extras (b 4, w 7) 11
Total (all out; 24.0 overs) 142 (5.92 runs per over)

Fall of wickets

Bowling O M R W Econ  
Amit Narwal5.0 23 1 4.60 (1w)
Farrukh Chodhry2.0 14 0 7.00 (1w)
Lakhbeer Singh Bains4.0 14 1 3.50 (1w)
Mandeep Sandhu5.0 38 2 7.60 (1w)
Mujtaba Wakil5.0 34 5 6.80 (1w)
Tahseen Shah3.0 14 1 4.67 (2w)